Really Simple Stuff (RSS)

In the beginning we woke up to a fresh cup of coffee and newspaper.
Then the world expanded and so did our areas of interest. We hooked up to monthly, fortnightly and weekly magazines.
World started to move even faster and we moved to internet.
Now we check many websites several times a day. With all the clutter of useless data and advertisements on these websites, it soon becomes a “painful” task to find what we need.

And then all the good people got together and invented RSS(Really Simple Syndication).
With RSS it is now my favorite website’s headache to update me with the latest happenings.
And like everything on the web, all my favorite stuff is available from anywhere in the world.

Watch the video below to find how you can save time, money and lot of grey matter using RSS.

Recommended RSS feed readers –

Online readers
Google Reader, Netvibes, My Yahoo!
Offline readers
NetNewsWire for Mac, Feed Demon for Windows

We are eager to hear your comments and feedback on this blog post.


2 Responses to Really Simple Stuff (RSS)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this very useful post.
    I’ve just started adding feeds to my Google Reader…. and its addictive!!!

  2. catchupontheweb says:

    I appreciate your feedback.
    Suggest us anything you want to learn, under our “You direct, we produce” initiative. Details of this can be found on the top right corner of this blog post.

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