Remember everything with Evernote!

January 11, 2009

All of us tend to bookmark useful web pages, make notes in our pocket notebook and collect pictures and newspaper cuttings.
With each new note added, soon our huge collection of data becomes unmanageable. It becomes more and more difficult to find what we need at “that very moment”.

Evernote is the digital solution to the aforementioned problem. Let me convince you how –

Can I bookmark webpages with Evernote ?
Yes, in fact with Evernote I can note down only the “useful” tit-bits from the webpage.
Can I keep newspaper cuttings ?
Of course, just take a pic of the article and upload it to Evernote. Doing that you don’t need to remember the pic. You remember just that one word in the article…search for it…it ‘ll be found.
How about my handwritten notes ?
No problem, Evernote can understand you handwriting too.
Who ‘ll carry these notes and pictures with me to all the places I travel ?
No need. Once you upload a note, it ‘ll be available from anywhere in the world if you are connected to the internet. You can upload a note from you mobile phone and then access it on your mom’s computer.

Watch the video below to find how you can use Evernote.

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